Services & Pricing

Services & Pricing

At Brittle Gum we undertake a wide range of tasks. The prices below are for editing of articles, mostly for academic publishing in research journals and the like. In all cases we provide the edited file plus a report on the main issues. We work with Word, LaTeX or LibreOffice files, and if your file is in some other format, we’re happy to talk about that too. If the material is in Microsoft Word format, we will provide a version with ‘track changes’ enabled. We are always keen to discuss your editing and writing requirements, whether they fall into one of the categories below or not. Email us!


  • Basic journal article editing includes
    • punctuation
    • cross-references
    • spelling
    • grammar
    • figure and table captions, abstract, synopsis, appendixes if applicable.
  • Extensive journal article editing. As above, but includes
    • rewriting for clarity
    • rearrangement of material if required
    • modification of tables
    • detailed comments on figures, tables, schemes and equations
    • checking of cross-references (to figures, equations, tables and references).
  • Thesis editing
    • structure
    • copyediting (spelling, grammar, cross-references, and so on)
    • proofreading
    • formatting.
  • Formatting/reformatting/conversion
    • formatting for the journal (change Word format, change LaTeX style)
    • conversion Word to/from LaTeX
    • thesis formatting.
  • Textbook writing/reviewing/resource development
    • Reviewing for technical correctness
    • Copyediting
    • Development of ancillary resources like online problem sets, solutions to printed problems, and so on.


For journal article services, prices are changed according to the length of the article. For other services, please email us with your requirements to request a quote. For LaTeX files, the word count is taken from the processed document, not the .tex file — given the length of some LaTeX commands, we consider this a pretty good deal! Turnaround time is seven days (one week).

Basic journal article editing A$0.03 per word
Extensive article editing A$0.05 per word
Reformatting A$40.00
Conversion Word ↔ LaTeX See below.

Note that reformatting costs assume no need to reformat equations, figures and bodies of tables.

The time required for good quality conversion between Word and LaTeX depends very strongly on the tables, figures and equations used in the text. Please request a quote.


The fine print

While we will point out any concerns we have over the factual correctness or scientific foundations of the article, that is a matter for the authors not the editors. No guarantees can be given

Professional editing does not guarantee the paper will be accepted. Journals may reject papers for technical reasons, for subject matter reasons, and so on.

All prices are given in Australian dollars, A$ (AUD). The website can be used to convert between currencies, though the actual cost will depend on exchange rates at the time, plus any fees associated with the transaction.

Payment can be made via PayPal, bank deposit, or credit card — we’ll send you an invoice with all the information. We don’t take payments through the website yet.