About Us

About Us

Brittle Gum Editing is here to help you get your document right. We have staff with degrees in physics, mathematics, education and writing and editing. We are scientists and educators ourselves, as well as editors. With our technical backgrounds, we can work on educational, scientific and mathematical texts using LaTeX, Word or LibreOffice. Whether the task is getting a scientific paper into shape for a journal, refining a grant application, or preparing a thesis, we’ve got the experience to make your work the best it can be.

My name is Darren. I have a PhD in physics, an undergraduate in maths and science and a graduate degree in writing and editing. Science and writing have been central interests in my life. For over fifteen years I was a researcher, working at places like the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, the Australian National University and University of New South Wales (at the Australian Defence Force Academy campus, in Canberra). I’ve co-authored over one hundred refereed scientific articles in areas like crystallography, numerical modelling, chemical synthesis and magnetism. I know what a good paper looks like, and I also know how science works. I’ve even won the odd award. You can take a look at my ResearchGate profile, if you like. But I also love working with words. Writing has been a major part of my work, and also occupied a lot of my spare time — I’ve been publishing short stories for over twenty years. So it was a natural next step to undertake a Grad. Cert. in Professional Writing and Editing at the University of Canberra and combine my two activities by setting up a business working on technical and scientific documents. That is what Brittle Gum Editing does. Our aim is to help make your paper, thesis or report say what you want it to say as clearly and precisely as possible. I’ve also worked with writers of genre fiction — nothing is out of bounds! I’m always happy to answer a query.

My collaborator at Brittle Gum is Dr Kate Wilson from UNSW at ADFA. Kate is an experienced textbook author; her books are distributed around the world by a major publisher (Cengage). Kate is an expert in developing education resources, particularly in physics and education. She writes for the high school and university markets, while also teaching engineering and the foundations of university lecturing and teaching at UNSW and undertaking research into education.

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